Effects after drinking

30 seconds after hydrogen water enters the mouth, it goes down to the stomach and it is absorbed by the capillaries of the large intestine wall. Hydrogen enters the bloodstream through the capillary wall. 90% of the blood is made of liquid in which various proteins are dissolved and it can flow thanks to water and osmotic pressure. Just after drinking, hydrogen molecules are quickly spread throughout the body together with water. Thus, they scavenge ROS.

1 minute after drinking hydrogen water reaches the brain. The brain is a key organ in the body. It plays a key role as a central control unit. It approximately needs 20% of the total oxygen that we breathe. The fact that the brain consumes a high amount of oxygen indicates that a high proportion of ROS is generated as well. Hydrogen helps scavenge ROS out of the brain.

10 minutes after drinking hydrogen water reaches the skin cells. Since skin is constantly exposed to outside air, it easily loses moisture and dries. Although the application of moisturizing creams is a good measure, it is important to drink water frequently to supply enough hydration. It is not just a question of drinking water to stay hydrated, but water penetrates cells as well. The micropool of hydrogen water molecules favours penetration as well as hydration. Hydrogen also serves to delay the development of blemishes and wrinkles. Thanks to research by Professor Miwa Nobuhiko from Hiroshima University (Japan), it has been found that the application of hydrogen water protects skin from damage in collagen although ultraviolet radiation is received. This is because of harmfulROS scavenging.

20 minutos after drinking hydrogen water is absorbed by the heart, liver and kidneys. 70% of the heart, liver and kidneys structure is made of liquid. Blood is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the organs through capillaries. At the same time, it collects the accumulated waste products, after which the kidneys filter the water to produce urine, which is expelled to the outside. A liquid having a high proportion of hydrogen has a detoxifying function, which accelerates the filtration of toxic products in the body through urine.